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Assuming that volatile markets are predictable, it is not strange that the return is not direct or parabolic. Losing trades, losing days (and weeks), generating inconsistent returns for all traders no matter what skill level they have. If we could guarantee, for example, that the Swiss franc would appreciate against other currencies every day, market forces would suffer from theory. First of all, we would probably be in the last queue, with hedge funds and markets such as Deutsche Bank and writing undoubtedly owning "all the money in the world". Perversely trying to do so with some other bright sparks may be tempted to reject and participate in such risk-free arbitrage.مصداقية شركة FXDD
Imagine for a moment that the Swiss National Bank suddenly creates a new policy directive and directly applies for our one-way investment, dumping its own currency and buying each other's foreign exchange reserves at the end of the CHF exchange rate trading period. Could it possibly happen?افضل شركه فوركس
The myth of the combination depends on the trader's skills to ensure a positive return on a daily basis. However, there are two major glaring failures in the plan. First of all, the trader must be full-time in order to have the necessary experience and know-how in the market. Secondly, if the trader is a full-time employee, he or she must obtain income from the market. Even if they had evolved into a somewhat mythical super merchant position, they would still need a separate income to prevent the linked account from being interrupted by taking salary.موقع عربى فوركس
While the mathematical logic and "purity" of merge are reliable, its use is, from a practical point of view, tradable. The best trader refuses to be frustrated by the randomness of the market, they accept losses and unpredictable returns as part of their business, and refuse to move on with fantasy returns or fictional trading mythology.

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